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Divorce Litigation Archives

Does Working Long Hours Affect a Father's Custody Chances?

When facing a divorce, concerns over custody are daunting. For fathers who have worked long hours to support their family, the prospect of losing their child is especially dismaying. When the court reviews a parent for custody it considers many factors contributing to the overall well being of the child. 

How and why a prenup can be invalidated

Validating prenuptial and postnupital agreements might seem like an odd concept to some people because they been told a myth about these contracts: that they can't be changed or legally challenged. This was an early misconception of prenups, as well as the thought that these contracts were "anti-love."

Efforts to Promote Shared Custody Laws Spread across US

Families today look very different than they did a generation ago. Many parents choose to stay unmarried, same-sex couples can legally marry, adopt and divorce, and women are more likely to work outside the home. Unfortunately, the laws rarely change fast enough to reflect these cultural and familial shifts as soon as they should.

What is 'gray divorce' and why does it matter?

There has been a divorce phenomenon that has shown no signs of slowing down in recent years. Dubbed "gray divorce," the phenomenon relates to the staggering rise in divorce rates for people over the age of 50. Data from the National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau shows that in the 1990s, only five in every 1,000 married adults were divorced. In 2015, that figure was up to 10 in every 1,000 married adults.

Include this, avoid that: the ins and outs of prenups

Last Saturday we wrote a post on prenuptial agreements and how a divorcee could successfully challenge such a contract. Some people think prenups can't be challenged, but to the contrary, there are plenty of circumstances where a challenge to a prenup could be successful.

The paths forward if you want to challenge a prenup

A prenuptial agreement is an important contract nowadays that can protect both spouses in a marriage. Many issues can be addressed in the prenuptial agreement, and these matters can help a couple with their marriage or expedite the divorce process, should the relationship come to that. But one thing that a prenuptial isn't is impregnable.

Alimony recordkeeping: a necessary habit during and after divorce

Spouses aren't going to agree on everything, and this is especially true both during and after the spouses have filed for divorce. This can lead to litigation once the divorce is complete, consuming time and adding stress to your already time-scarce and too-stressful life. So how can you protect yourself from some of this litigation?

Divorce litigation may play role in Ackman-Herskovitz case

When individuals are going through a particularly difficult time ending their marriage, they may not feel as if they can amicably work together. As a result, many California residents choose to utilize divorce litigation in order to address divorce issues. When parties are dealing with a high-asset situation, litigation is not uncommon.

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