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3 surprising benefits of mediating a divorce

Sitting in a room to discuss topics like parenting schedules and financial valuations with a soon-to-be ex-spouse can be uncomfortable, stressful and upsetting. As such, many people initially think that resolving these and other issues in a mediation setting is just not a good idea.

However, before you dismiss mediation as an option for resolving divorce-related matters because you think it might be too difficult or distressing, you should consider the various (and perhaps surprising) benefits that could come with mediating a divorce.

Keeping details private

Divorce is not easy. It requires people to disclose sensitive details about their relationship and finances, and it can make people do or say things they wouldn't do or say under less emotional circumstances.

As such, it can quite beneficial to keep details of the divorce private. Mediation is confidential, unlike litigation. Even if you don't think privacy is important, you may find it to be quite valuable once the process is underway. 

Working through difficult problems

Litigation can make it difficult to get closure. A "win" in court may not feel as satisfying as you expect, and judgments you don't agree with can affect your life for years after the divorce is final.

On the other hand, mediation requires parties to work through problems together. You will have a say in your agreements, and you will have the opportunity to discuss issues rather than present arguments.

Making like easier after divorce

Litigation takes a considerable toll on people, emotionally and financially. It can take some time to recover from a contentious, lengthy court battle.

Mediation may not make life easy as you transition into life after divorce, but it can make it easier. You likely won't be dealing with as much financial strain, for instance, and you can feel empowered and satisfied because you were able to control at least some aspects of your settlement.

These and the other benefits of mediation can make it an effective and beneficial option for many people divorcing in California, so it is important to consider them before deciding not to participate in mediation.

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