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Let go of these 3 outdated assumptions about divorce

Divorce looks quite a bit different today than it did a generation or so ago. Today, men and women play more equal roles in marriages, and divorce itself doesn't have the same stigma it once had. 

Because of these and other changes, it is important for people to let go of outdated assumptions that are no longer accurate, as they could negatively affect people during their own divorce. In this post, we will address a few of these assumptions.

Mothers are not the only capable parents

At one time, mothers were viewed as the primary and best caregiver for their children. As such, they often received primary custody.

Today, however, fathers play a much more active role in their children's lives. Some fathers leave careers to stay at home raising their children while others split parenting duties equally with the mother. Because of this shift in the role fathers play in their children's lives, it is crucial that they aggressively pursue the custody arrangement they deserve.

Men are not the only earners in most families

Men might have been the breadwinners in most families a generation ago, but that picture is changing dramatically. Not only are there more women in the workforce today, but as noted in this CNBC article, about 38 percent of women earned more than their husbands in 2015.

This changes some of the financial discussions people have during divorce. For instance, there may be no need for spousal support, and if there is, it could be the men who are requesting it.

Divorce isn't something to hide

At one time, it was not unusual for people to hide their divorce or only talk about it behind closed doors. Today, we discuss divorce on social media, see it explored in TV and movies, and read about divorce in countless articles and books. In fact, some people celebrate their divorce and throw parties to mark the occasion.

Holding on to these and other outdated beliefs on divorce can have an adverse affect in your own divorce, so it can be wise to let go of them. You can also discuss with an attorney the current laws and practices that dictate the divorce process today so that you can more accurately understand your situation and options.

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