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March 2018 Archives

3 decisions that could derail mediation efforts

Mediating a divorce can be an attractive option for anyone looking for the most peaceful process and resolutions over which they have control. However, choosing mediation is just one step in securing this type of outcome. Participants must also commit to avoiding certain decisions or behaviors during the process that could derail mediation efforts.

Mediation vs. Litigation: Which Is The Right Choice For You?

Deciding on a method for your divorce will be one of the most important decisions you make. A less adversarial approach is best for many couples, especially those with children, which is why mediation is a popular option. For others, a mutual agreement may be too difficult to reach, and litigation ends up being the only option.

3 ways a collaborative divorce can help you – and your kids

Divorce is a painful, emotional experience for the spouses who are dissolving their union. However, it can also be incredibly difficult on the children involved. Oftentimes, parents struggle to find a balance between protecting themselves and protecting their kids during this process, but a collaborative divorce could prove to be the answer.

How cryptocurrency can affect your divorce

Allegations of fraud and deceit can upend efforts to divorce amicably through mediation. If there is a lack of trust,or concerns that one person is lying about important factors like marital assets, it may be impossible to come to a fair, agreeable solution outside of court. This can be a frustrating, expensive obstacle to overcome.

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