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Tips for making the most out of mediation

Going in front of a judge to resolve issues during a divorce can be a scary, expensive process. As such, many people prefer mediation to litigation because it allows you, the participants, to identify solutions and negotiate agreements.

This is not to say mediation is easy. It can take considerable effort from all parties over the course of multiple sessions to reach an agreement. If you are thinking about divorce or are about to go through mediation in California, then there are some steps you can take to make the most out of it.

Manage your expectations

Mediation is a process, and it will likely take at least a couple sessions to address everything you need to address. Don't expect it to be over in an hour or you will likely find yourself disappointed. Further, you should expect to compromise and negotiate, as parties often disagree on at least a couple details of the divorce.

Stay organized

While sessions may only last a couple hours, you have much longer to prepare. Use the time before each session to gather appropriate documentation, organize your thoughts and make lists of what you want, as well as what you are willing to give up. Organization allows you to maintain some control over your part of the process.

Stay on topic

Emotions are typically running high when divorcing spouses are in the same room talking about how to divide property and address custody. Focusing on the topic at hand can help you avoid unproductive discussions and keep difficult emotions at bay. 

Remember why you are there

It can be an incredible challenge to work through difficult divorce matters in mediation, but remember that you are there so that you can resolve them yourselves instead of leaving it up to a judge. This can be best for everyone in the long run.

Mediation may not be easy, but it can help you secure the fair, agreeable plan you deserve more quickly so that you can focus on the next chapter of your life.

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