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4 things to consider when deciding where to live during divorce

Emotions often run high when two people are at the point of ending a marriage, and it can be easy to act first and think later. However, this could be a costly mistake when it comes to deciding where you will live during this difficult transition. 

Before you make any drastic decisions about living situations during a California divorce, it is important that you take some critical elements into consideration.

What can you afford?

Divorce costs money, and so does supporting a second home. Think carefully about what you can afford. Factor in expenses like rent, utilities, living expenses, furniture and any transportation costs that could increase with moving. Figuring out what you can actually afford will help clarify your realistic options.

Where will the children be?

During the period of time after filing for dissolution or custody and before entry of judgment, if a parent moves out and shows little interest in maintaining consistent contact with the children, then this could adversely affect that parent's options during custody negotiations.

What will you do about your personal property?

Before you or your spouse moves out, you would be wise to document the personal property in the home, including anything that the relocating spouse may take. This ensures accuracy when it comes to dividing everything and can prevent disputes over specific items. Keep a list of the property and take pictures, if possible.

Is living together an option?

Depending on your situation, you may decide that the only or best option is to live together until the divorce is finalized. In these cases, you should understand that the decision to continue living together might impact you date of separation (an important date for legal purposes). If you remain living together, consider documenting the date on which you or your spouse expressed the intent to end the marriage and be careful that your conduct after that date is consistent with that intent.

Should you have any questions or concerns about living arrangements during a divorce,  you can discuss your specific case with an experienced divorce attorney.

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