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Should I request any temporary orders during my divorce?

People often overlook the fact that there is a transition between filing for divorce and being divorced. During this time, the bills still need to be paid and parents need to figure out how to parent when they are not living together.

With this in mind, it can be necessary for spouses to have temporary orders in place in order to provide support during the weeks and months between filing for divorce and finalizing a divorce. In this post, we will briefly explain when and why these temporary orders can be beneficial.

If you have children

A parent moving out can be devastating for a child and it is important to preserve loving parent-child relationships during this transition. A temporary custody arrangement can ensure each parent is able to spend meaningful time with a child until a final custody order is in place.

It can also be important to secure temporary child support orders if one person will be the primary caregiver during this time. Oftentimes, one parent stays in the home with the children during the divorce process. In these situations, a temporary order for support may be necessary to help the primary caregiver meet the financial demands of raising a child.

If your finances are strained

Temporary spousal support can be critical for spouses who rely on their spouse's income and financial contributions. Without a temporary order in place, a financially disadvantaged spouse could suffer considerably until the finalization of property division and spousal support orders. This is especially true in cases where the divorce takes a long time.

If there are immediate concerns about safety or loss

Divorces that involve unsafe, unpredictable or especially angry parties can warrant requests for temporary emergency orders. These orders go into effect before a hearing and can prevent immediate loss of property and harm to either party or the children. 

Know your options about temporary orders

Temporary orders expire, but they can have a lasting impact on divorcing spouses and  permanent divorce orders. Because of this, it can be crucial to discuss any questions or concerns regarding the securing and enforcing of temporary orders with an attorney.

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