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What to do before seeking court intervention

If your child seems preoccupied and antsy over the last week, it's probably because he or she knows that the end of the school year is near. Indeed, summer vacation is the best part of the year for some kids.  After all, not having to go to school is a type of freedom that comes around only once per year (like Christmas.) But for each day a child is out of school, a parent may be wondering how to keep their children occupied.

Summer camps and extended trips to see relatives are good ideas, but for parents embroiled in custody and parenting time disputes, this can be particularly difficult. Vindictive and vengeful parents may not want to help pay for a summer camp or may object to vacation because it may interfere with their parenting time.

So what is a parent to do? 

Of course, having a conversation with an experienced family law attorney is critical before filing a motion to seek additional parenting time, or responding to a motion to modify parenting time. Family court judges cannot resolve all issues regarding differences over a child's summer plans - there is a limit not only to the speed with which the court can hear a new matter, but also the degree to which a court can micromanage child care if the parents cannot agree.

This is large because judges expect that parents will put their personal feelings aside and work together for the benefit of a child. Also, courts may not be willing to be the decision-makers on what children will be allowed (and not allowed) to do for the summer.

So when disputes arise over summer parenting plans and scheduling, take time to consult an attorney before taking action. Ideally, if you are the party seeking relief from the court, you will obtain whatever help is necessary to file your request with the court no later than April.

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