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What issues should a person discuss with their divorce attorney?

Unfortunately, even the friendliest of divorces can be a complicated manner. There is property that must be divided between the spouses. There are emotional challenges to process. And if there are children involved, this takes the stakes of the divorce to a completely new level.

Fortunately, there are highly trained legal professionals who can help a couple going through a divorce navigate this complicated series of challenges and smooth over any rough areas. They can help with the legal paperwork, navigate court proceedings, and minimize the financial issues that arise during the divorce process. 

Issues Related to Property

No matter how long someone has been married, they have accumulated a significant amount of property that might need to be divided during the divorce process. Many people wonder what kind of assets will be distributed in the divorce. This list is long, and includes the home, secondary pieces of real estate, cars, motorcycles, boats, retirement accounts, savings accounts, jewelry, guns, and anything else that has monetary value.

Anything with a significant financial value will likely have a title tied to it as well. Any hidden assets will need to be revealed and any debts that the person has should also be on the table. Once this list is finalized, the divorce attorney can work on how the property will be divided.

Documents are Necessary

A divorce has a significant amount of paperwork and there are important documents that a divorcing couple will need to have ready. Income tax returns for the prior few years will need to be on the table. Proof of income for both parties will need to be ready as well. Any bank statements, trusts, stock statements, credit card statements, and loan documents should also be prepared. These are important because they establish the financial position of both spouses in case some spousal support payments are necessary.

If There are Children Involved

A couple that has children has a completely separate set of circumstances that they will need to navigate. Child custody is the more pressing issue, with child support coming in at a close second. Many couples have joint custody today; however, visitation agreements may still be necessary. Parents will also remain responsible for ensuring that their children have health, dental, and vision insurance after the entry of judgment (all medical insurance stays in place for the duration of the divorce litigation, based upon the Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders ("ATROS") Life insurance policies and beneficiaries may also need to be discussed. 

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