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Collaboration and mediation may benefit second divorce cases

Deciding to end a marriage is a relatively common situation in which many California residents find themselves. Some parties may even face this type of predicament if their second marriage does not work out. Though the idea of going through the related legal proceedings may seem daunting, this time around, individuals may wish to give due consideration to different divorce methods, including collaboration and mediation.

Parties who have gone through the process of dissolving a marriage may remember some of the legal aspects of their divorce. This knowledge may help them prepare for the potential courses of action that they will likely face in the near future. However, if they had to attend to various court hearings and related proceedings in their first divorce cases, they may wish to consider mediation in order to lessen the time, costs and stress associated with ending their relationships. 

Mediation can offer a variety of benefits. All aspects of the divorce can be addressed with this method, including child custody and support. If parties believe that they can come to terms amicably, using a mediator to come to agreements outside of court may prove to be a viable course of action. 

Though collaboration and mediation may not be for everyone, individuals going through their second round of divorce may feel more open to the option. Knowing what to expect out of the proceedings can help individuals better predict how they may react to certain situations and how their lives could be impacted. California residents interested in this method of dispute resolution may wish to speak with experienced attorneys.

Source: lexology.com, "Special Considerations for a Second Divorce", Katherine A. Nunziata, March 27, 2017

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