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More older individuals considering divorce and separation

As we age, we may look at life differently, and our goals may change. For some, it may mean wondering whether divorce and separation could be a move in the right direction. Many older individuals may find themselves considering the idea of ending their marriages in order to pursue lives that could lead to greater personal fulfillment. 

A recent report indicated that more individuals over the age of 50 are opting to divorce. In fact, since 1990, the number of over-50 individuals who have filed for divorce has doubled. Now, for every 1,000 married individuals over the age of 50, 10 decide to divorce.

Because more older parties are going through divorce, it may be prudent for these individuals to prepare for the financial impacts that divorce could have. Many people over the age of 50 are near or have reached retirement age, and as a result, their financial situations may not seem as secure as they once were. Therefore, they may wish to formulate strategies to work toward the goals they desire from their divorce settlements in order to ensure that they do not find themselves facing unnecessary financial burdens. 

Divorce and separation can affect individuals of any age. Therefore, parties may wish to assess their age-specific concerns when determining their divorce options. California residents may wish to speak with experienced attorneys who could offer personalized and specific insight into avenues that could work in each party's best interests.

Source: miamiherald.com, "Baby boomers are getting divorced in record numbers", Ana Veciana-Suarez, March 10, 2017

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