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Divorce and separation does not end the co-parent relationships

Though individuals may have decided to end their marriages years ago, if they had children together, they likely still maintain some sort of relationship. Whether the relationship is amicable or not depends on the specific circumstances. However, divorce and separation rarely sever all ties between California couples, and issues surrounding settlement terms could still crop up.

Actress Kate Hudson is currently facing such a predicament due to ex-husband and singer Chris Robinson's desire to revisit their child custody agreement. Though the couple divorced and came to terms a decade ago, Robinson has apparently found issue with their current arrangements. Reports did not fully detail what may have led to his want to re-open their custody agreement. The couple divorced when their son was 2 years old, and he is now 12. 

Reports stated that a custody evaluation will be conducted by a court-assigned evaluator. Both parents agreed that the evaluator could obtain doctor-patient privileges as well as gain access to various records relating to education, health and employment. The evaluator will also make a written report regarding the case. 

As this case shows, agreements made during the initial divorce and separation phase do not necessarily fit circumstances forever. Children grow and their needs change accordingly. Therefore, if California residents find themselves in similar situations in which their custody agreements are no longer in the best interest of their child, they may wish to consider looking into their options for modifications. Consulting with experienced attorneys could help individuals better understand what to expect when going through a modification.

Source: Fox News, "Kate Hudson and ex-husband Chris Robinson back in court over child custody", March 1, 2017

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