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March 2017 Archives

Employment status may correlate with possibility of divorce litigation

Many California residents likely hate thinking about their finances. Because money often lies at the root of a marital conflict, it is no surprise that many marriages end up facing divorce litigation due to financial issues. However, it may surprise some individuals to know that a husband's employment status could have a greater effect on the possibility of divorce. 

Divorce and separation can stress out your children

Having and raising is a happy event. A parent may love their family immensely but be unable to maintain the marital relationship. As a result, divorce and separation can have substantial impacts on the family, especially for children. Therefore, parents may wish to make the situation as amicable as possible.

More older individuals considering divorce and separation

As we age, we may look at life differently, and our goals may change. For some, it may mean wondering whether divorce and separation could be a move in the right direction. Many older individuals may find themselves considering the idea of ending their marriages in order to pursue lives that could lead to greater personal fulfillment. 

Divorce and separation does not end the co-parent relationships

Though individuals may have decided to end their marriages years ago, if they had children together, they likely still maintain some sort of relationship. Whether the relationship is amicable or not depends on the specific circumstances. However, divorce and separation rarely sever all ties between California couples, and issues surrounding settlement terms could still crop up.

Californians should pay attention to finances during divorce and separation

The financial implications of ending a marriage can greatly affect the individuals involved. Because some divorce and separation cases involve complex property division proceedings, California residents may wish to take steps to help themselves face the process, beginning with determining the net worth of their family. Parties should also determine the source of the funds used to determine each of their assets, to the greatest extent practicable. As part of this process, individuals may be more likely to understand which assets will be subject to division.

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