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Could collaborative divorce work for you in California?

Whatever the reason may be for ending a marriage, there are many individuals who would like to approach their divorce as amicably as possible. Luckily, California residents who are able to continue to work together and are open to avoid as much conflict as possible may be able to utilize the collaborative divorce process. Because this is a non-adversarial approach that depends upon cooperation between the parties and commitment to the out-of-court resolution. It may not be for everyone. 

If collaborative divorce seems like a plausible route, individuals may be interested in know that such proceedings may take less time and are frequently less expensive than litigation or other methods. During the collaborative process, the parties work together alongside their team of legal and other professionals to help negotiate and come to agreeable terms. By working together, individuals are often able to move forward more steadily. 

All divorce matters can be addressed during these proceedings, including child custody, property division and support payments. If this approach does not prove effective, individuals can still choose to move forward with litigation or another method instead. 

Collaboration can have its pros and cons, as any divorce method does. Therefore, California residents considering this option may wish to assess their situations and determine whether they believe this route could viably suit their needs. Consulting with experienced family law attorneys could help interested individuals gain further insight into this method and better understand whether their goals could be met by following the collaborative process. 

Source: durangoherald.com, "Collaborative law reflects a different approach to addressing conflict", Angie Buchanan, Feb. 11, 2017

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