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January sees higher divorce rates

The end of the year marks holiday celebrations and in the retail world there is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Family law sees a surge as well, typically the first Monday in January. The number of people who seek divorce and ultimately end up filing rises to one-third more than at any other time of the year and this seasonal increase continues into March. One in 5 couples divorce during that time period.

People break up and divorce for a variety of reasons. However, many would rather not go through a split during the holidays. In addition to not wanting to subject children or family to a holiday split, often people hold off because it is unpleasant to get into a courtroom between Thanksgiving and the end of the year.

Preparing for a New Year divorce

Typically, those who seek divorce in January have already made up their minds in previous months that they would like to end their marriage, even if they don't realize it. Regardless of when you made the decision, there are a number of things you can do to prepare yourself emotionally and financially.

  1. Find and hire three professionals. A psychologist, a financial advisor, and an experienced family law attorney. You will want a psychologist to help you make objective decisions and cope with a tsunami of emotions you will most certainly wave through. You will want a financial advisor to advise you about assets and debts and how you can secure your future. Finally, you will want an experienced family law attorney.
  2. When you seek out your professionals, make sure they represent you and only you. You do not want your experts to have a connection with your spouse because you want them to be able to represent your interests.
  3. You will also need to gather all of your financial records. These records will assist both your financial advisor and your attorney so they can understand the full value of the marital estate. Among the records you should collect are bank statements, mortgage statements, tax records, retirement or investment statements, as well as credit card statements, etc.

Finding economical resources

Going through the process of divorce is expensive and stressful enough. If you feel you are unable to afford the standard fees for a therapist or financial advisor, other options may be available. In some cases, you may be able to utilize counseling services through a workplace insurance program, psychological training clinics through a university, through other community resources or through your preferred religious affiliated programs.

Making the decision to divorce can  be emotionally devastating even if you know the decision to be the right one. By getting information to make informed decisions, gathering your support system and obtaining professional advice, you will get through the hurdles a little more smoothly.

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