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Child custody basics in California

When people are faced with issues related to child custody, there is a good chance that they have never had to deal with these matters before. Understandably, the process can seem overwhelming, intimidating and unfair for some people.

To alleviate some of the confusion and fear about this process, we will explain some basic aspects of child custody laws and procedures in California in this post.

Mediation vs. Litigation: Which Is The Right Choice For You?

Deciding on a method for your divorce will be one of the most important decisions you make. A less adversarial approach is best for many couples, especially those with children, which is why mediation is a popular option. For others, a mutual agreement may be too difficult to reach, and litigation ends up being the only option.

Both methods can get you the results you want. The one that is best for your divorce depends on your circumstances.

3 ways a collaborative divorce can help you – and your kids

Divorce is a painful, emotional experience for the spouses who are dissolving their union. However, it can also be incredibly difficult on the children involved. Oftentimes, parents struggle to find a balance between protecting themselves and protecting their kids during this process, but a collaborative divorce could prove to be the answer.

In a few different ways, which we examine below, collaborative divorce can protect both the interests of the parents and the children affected by a split.

How cryptocurrency can affect your divorce

Allegations of fraud and deceit can upend efforts to divorce amicably through mediation. If there is a lack of trust,or concerns that one person is lying about important factors like marital assets, it may be impossible to come to a fair, agreeable solution outside of court. This can be a frustrating, expensive obstacle to overcome.

Unfortunately, divorcing spouses across California may be increasingly confronted with this problem thanks to cryptocurrency.

Are you really ready for litigation?

Divorcing spouses are often dealing with painful emotions toward each other, from bitterness and anger to sadness and hostility. When people feel this way, they may think that the only way to resolve the situation is with a contentious battle in the courtroom.

While you might think that you want to litigate your divorce, you should stop and think about what this will actually mean for your case and your future.

Tips for making the most out of mediation

Going in front of a judge to resolve issues during a divorce can be a scary, expensive process. As such, many people prefer mediation to litigation because it allows you, the participants, to identify solutions and negotiate agreements.

This is not to say mediation is easy. It can take considerable effort from all parties over the course of multiple sessions to reach an agreement. If you are thinking about divorce or are about to go through mediation in California, then there are some steps you can take to make the most out of it.

Planning a spring break trip? Check your custody agreement first

Spring break is rapidly approaching, and it's important to sort out the details of child custody before embarking on a vacation. Extended school holidays are the ideal time to take a trip, but non-custodial parents need to be aware of any restrictions or limitations.

4 things to consider when deciding where to live during divorce

Emotions often run high when two people are at the point of ending a marriage, and it can be easy to act first and think later. However, this could be a costly mistake when it comes to deciding where you will live during this difficult transition. 

Before you make any drastic decisions about living situations during a California divorce, it is important that you take some critical elements into consideration.

Getting back on track after a co-parenting dispute

Even the most amicable parents can fight when they are part of a co-parenting arrangement. You might disagree with rules as your child gets older, or you might get angry if the other parent starts dating someone who seems untrustworthy or dangerous.

Understanding that disputes arise is important because it allows you to identify co-parenting strategies to get back on track after a fight. Below are some suggestions for addressing and recovering from a co-parenting argument.

Examining the new tax law and its effect on future divorces

There are several difficult matters that divorcing couples must resolve when they are ending their marriage, from assigning custody of the children to dividing marital assets.

During such an intensely personal process, the last thing on your mind could be new tax laws. However, in this post, we will explain how one change in the recently passed law will affect people getting divorced in the future.

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