Help For People Seeking Or Contesting Family Law Modifications

People in any divorce or custody case may need to modify orders post-judgment at some point. Regardless of how carefully lawyers and their clients plan, it is impossible to predict the future or cover every contingency. That's why when circumstances change, modifications to certain family law orders are allowed under California law.

We represent clients seeking to make legal changes as life events make it necessary. It is important that you work with an experienced attorney during this process. In some cases, requesting a modification is not the right choice; a lawyer can ensure that it is the right decision at this time. You can come to Evans Family Law in Long Beach for individualized representation if you need to request or contest modifications.

Types Of Modifications

People seek modifications, referred to as post-judgment modifications, for numerous reasons. California law allows for modifications that involve a substantial change in circumstances for matters involving:

Reasons For Requesting Changes To Family Law Orders

California law requires that modification requests demonstrate a substantial change of circumstances for at least one party. Requests typically involve a job loss, change in financial circumstances, serious illness or injury, change in marital status, concerns about parental fitness or timeshare/visitation requests.

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