Child Support Is The Right Of The Child

Child support payments consist of financial support from one parent to another to provide for dependent care. The payment amount takes into account many factors. California law seeks to normalize the disposable income between the parents' households.

In California, child support payment amounts are determined by an algorithm and software, such as DissoMaster, and then approved by a judicial officer. The courts may sometimes determine a child support payment amount that is higher or lower than the guideline payment, but it is uncommon.

Factors that can affect child support payments include:

At Evans Family Law, our attorneys give clients a realistic estimate of child support payments in their case. Our attorneys have many years of experience helping parents understand what their payment plans are and negotiating with the courts on the true cost of child care. We take cases throughout the Orange County and Los Angeles County area to provide children with the support they need and a consistent standard of living.

Determinations And Requirements For Child Support

Whether you are a custodial or a noncustodial parent, you may be required to pay child support under California law. The duration of child support is typically until a child graduates from high school. A parent paying support is required to continue doing so even if he or she loses a job, experiences financial difficulties or moves away. Once a child support order has been issued, a modified order should be sought immediately upon any changes in a parent's ability to pay. If court-ordered child support is not paid, the consequences can be serious. If you need to modify your child support payments, do not wait. Check into the process immediately.

If you are the parent who should be receiving payments but is not, you cannot preserve your right to child support payments unless you file a request with the court.

Child Support Modifications

Parents who are responsible for paying child support may request that their child support obligations be changed by the court, especially if they experience significant changes in circumstances such as job loss or job change, a change in custodial timeshare or a change in a child's needs or if the other parent has experienced a significant income change. It is important for parents who experience these types of changes to seek support modifications as soon as possible. The court order should be modified to reflect these changes.

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